Starry Night!: Shooting Stars, Quite Literally

Starry Night!: Shooting Stars, Quite Literally



Imagine the night sky without any stars in it. Playing out like some doomsday scenario, all that would be left is the blackness. All those countless balls of dead light, disappeared. Quite an unpalatable thought, yet one that is the sole aim of Starry Night! the new addictive mini-game from B&B Games. As the stars hurtle towards the bottom of your screen, it’s up to you to blast them into oblivion with a touch of your omnipotent finger. Combining endearing graphics with a wicked soundtrack, Starry Night! proves to be an addictive little number, out now for iOS.

In Starry Night! you essentially play God. Or, if not God, some kind of cosmonaut who’s been tasked with an almighty burden. The scenario is thus; stars are pouring forth from some unknown source, and it’s up to you to stop them. Use your fastest finger to tap the stars before they reach the bottom of the screen. Failure to do so will result in game over, and presumably some form of divine punishment for failing the universe. Several types of star will appear as you play, one granting you an extra life, one slowing the speed of the onslaught, and two which change the direction of it. If you like, you can flip your phone on it’s side and play with your thumbs; the game is quite challenging, so be prepared to get comfy if you’re in for the long haul!

The gameplay is enhanced by a sleek score and old school 8-bit graphics, giving the game a shot of nostalgia to compliment its addictive mechanism. Although, let’s be straight here; while the game is extremely playable and almost frustratingly addictive, it’s hardly breaking the mold. This type of game engine has been around almost as long as the iPhone itself, and while Starry Night! is certainly one of the better entries in the canon, it doesn’t do much to push the boundaries.

Not that that matters much. The form has been around for such a long time because, let’s face it, it works. Starry Night! does more than enough to merit its place among the legions of mini-games out there, and doesn’t try to do anything fancy or pretend to be something it’s not. What you see is what you get here, and what you get is a classy, engaging and intuitive little number that you’re bound to return to again and again.

Shoot for the stars at the App Store today for free!


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