Stache Booth: Tash-tastic

Stache Booth: Tash-tastic


Stache Booth iPhone App Review

Hello, my name is James Wright and I can’t grow a moustache. Yes, it’s a terrible affliction but thankfully someone came up with an app for that.

Introducing Stache Booth a smart looking little app that functions in the same vein as many of the Pivi & Co apps that came before it – FatBooth, AgingBooth etc. Put simply, you snap a picture and add one of 32 different furry friends to your top lip. Plus, You can post it on Facebook, Twitter, or send it in an email via the app.

Why in gods name this wasn’t available during Movember is anybody’s guess but it will be fun come November 2012!

All you really have to decide is whether or not you can justify spending $0.99 on a fake digital tash. For now I’mgoing to stick with my ginger beard.



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