Spacelings: Fantastic Value, Fantastic Everything

Spacelings: Fantastic Value, Fantastic Everything


Spacelings iPhone App Review

Spacelings is a fantastic little puzzle game and if you put your faith in it you’re your $0.99 you’ll find that it pays you back and then some.

Your goal is to pull space aliens back into your mothership with the use of tractor beams that you fire and deflect around obstacles – with bombs, mines and lasers further complicating your mission further down the line. It’s actually quite nice to see a cheap game actually making the gameplay gradually more difficult as you progress, as opposed to most which tend to go from ‘Kindergarden’ to ‘taking the piss’ in one swift level up.

Admittedly, there’s nothing essentially groundbreaking about the game, but it is tremendously enjoyable and addictive to play it. More importantlyhowever, it does the little things exceptionally well. For starters, it’s incredibly easy to use meaning you can pick it up and get going in no time with little to no direction needed. Equally, it’s one of those types of games you could quite literally pull out for a quick play in between the odd 3-minute break. Likewise, the whole game (characters, layouts et al) has a slick design about it that again is not always seen in more budget app games.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the game has longevity in spades; there’s so many levels and a total of 421 medals to accumulate meaning that you could be playing this for days and still be some way short of actually completing it. Granted there’s perhaps a bit too many for the more casual gamer, but it’s comforting to know that for just $0.99 you’re getting your moneys worth.

Spacelings isn’t going to set the app store alight in quite the same way as Angry Birds or Plants Vs Zombies did, but it’s a great little app that has little to no flaws about it. Putting everything into perspective, Spacelings is a steal at just $0.99.



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