SheetRack: A Paperless Sheet Music Index

SheetRack: A Paperless Sheet Music Index

SheetRack iPhone App Review
Virtual Score Keeper

Gone are the days when learning to play the piano would take up a lot of space. Not only can you learn comfortably on a virtual keyboard app, but you can also store thousands of pages of sheet music on your i-Device.

SheetRack not only acts as a handy place to store your sheet music, but also a portal to downloading music that you would like to learn.

The interface of this app is very simple and at first it may not look like much, but this is a must-have app for anyone looking to digitise their sheet music collection. A great feature to this app is that as well as downloading sheet music you can also import your own scores onto the app, helping you keep all your music in one place.

On the iPhone this app may be suited to being used as a simple index of music you can play, have created or want to learn. On the iPad, with its larger screen, this app acts as a handy guide when actually playing the music. Pretty much anyone with an iPad will have a case with a stand, meaning they can prop up the iPad on top of their real life piano as if it were a book of sheet music.

Pros: Saves paper and means you can have all your sheet music in one place.

Cons: The search engine can be a bit slow at times as although it is a very simple app, there are a few buttons (such as the ‘repertoire’ button) which could do with being a bit bigger or bolder, as I didn’t figure out it was even a button to start with!


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