Second Hand iPhone X : The Essential Guide

Second Hand iPhone X : The Essential Guide


When the iPhone X was released it gave Apple users a glimpse into what the future holds for iPhones and upcoming devices. After rewriting 10 years of iPhone history – Apple made some bold steps with the iPhone X by removing the Home button, touch ID and the dedicated wake / sleep buttons to switch off the handset. 

Not all of these options were welcomed by everyone – with many people missing the ‘Home button’ at first. However the X has gone on to be an extremely popular, reliable iPhone with all of the great features, tech and specs any avid smart phone user could wish for.

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Love the iPhone X? Why not buy it second hand?

iPhone X Specifications

Featuring a striking ‘all screen’ design and efficient A11 bionic chip the iPhone X delivers on both beauty and brains. Just some of the iPhone X devices impressive specifications include;

Screen – A bold 5.8 inch OLED screen with edge to edge display and 458ppi pixel density.

Cameras – 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with 4K video recording.

Security – With cutting-edge face mapping technology the iPhone X uses facial ID for anything from unlocking the phone to making payments via Apple Pay or apps.

Performance – The iPhone X contains a powerful A11 bionic chip that provides a more efficient performance and makes it seriously fast. 

Wireless charging – using a Qi compatible pad or dock the iPhone X is able to support fast wireless charging. This is can even be available in some cars. 

Battery Life – Up to 21 hours wireless talk time.

Waterproof – Splash, water and dust resistant (rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529)

Finish and Capacity – The iPhone X is available in both 64GB or 256GB capacity and a space grey or silver finish. 

How To Make The Most of Your iPhone X

With the previous iPhone handsets working in relatively similar ways the iPhone X can be initially confusing for some users trying to navigate without the home button. Here’s a guide to using your new or second hand iPhone X device.

  • With previous models when you ran into trouble with apps you could simply force them to close down – but with the iPhone X’s gesture based navigation it’s a matter of learning the ropes. 
  • Swipe upwards from the Home indicator and pause – then you will enter App Switcher
  • Tap and hold on the app until you see the little red icon at the top-left, you will now be in ‘force quitting mode’
  • Swipe upwards on the app that you wish to quit or tap on the red icon
  • You will be able to quit multiple apps one by one when you’re in this mode
  • Then tap on the space below the apps to exit and swipe up from the bottom to return to the home screen.
  • Screenshots can be taken by pressing both the volume up button and the sleep / wake button at the same time. With the iOS 11 update users will be able to see their screenshots stacked in the bottom left corner of the screen where they can simply tap to open and a screenshot editor tool will allow them to crop, write, draw, highlight or even add a signature.
  • Hidden notification previews are the new default on the iPhone X so it won’t display you the contents of an alert unless you are actively looking at your device – allowing more privacy.
  • The iPhone X no longer displays the number on the battery percentage – although the icon is still obviously displayed in the top right corner. To see the exact amount users can access the control center or pull from the top right corner downwards to reveal how much juice is left. 
  • Animoji might not be for everyone but this fun feature allows people to have Facetime conversations as a robot, fox, skeleton, unicorn, dragon and a whole host of other crazy faces.
  • Selfies have not always been so easy to take but with the iPhone X you can get the perfect photo every time using the dual rear facing cameras or true depth front facing cameras. 
  • Not only limited to the iPhone X but the send, pay and request money with Apple Pay Cash is a fast and secure way to send money using facial ID.

The iPhone X is not only a striking and beautiful looking device, but an impressively powerful and feature packed handset that opens up a world of opportunities for those who own one.


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