SearchMan: Searching for fun? Keep looking!

SearchMan: Searching for fun? Keep looking!


SearchMan iPhone App Review

Do you enjoy playing games which involve you having to spot the difference? Well if you do, then maybe this game will prove to be one to add to your collection.

SearchMan is a simple game where you are shown an image of the face to find in the top right hand corner of the screen and in the main screen you are shown a variety of faces which you will have to select the one that matches. If you select the right face you’re rewarded with an annoying superhero-esque SearchMan who makes equally irritating sounds before you go onto the next level. However, if you make a mistake, then it’s curtains for you and you must start right from the beginning again.

You have the option to play 25 games and then you can progress to play 50 games of spotting the right one and once you’ve unlocked these you will get to play Hardcore and Marathon modes. Needless to say, you are up against the clock but more often you’re having to work against the rather unreliable touch-screen reactions.

Ultimately this game is pretty repetitive and does offer some addictiveness in some respects but I found myself on more than one occasion tapping the right face and being shown the door as it would glitch and believe I’d selected another face. The magnifying lens rounds proved a real pain as you can’t really see the faces as they’re under your finger tips and by complete fluke, and fluke alone, I managed to hit the right face – otherwise I would have had to start over.


  • Challenging
  • Simple to pick up and play
  • Lots of levels to tax yourself with


  • Really annoying after a few minutes
  • Very repetitive
  • Touch screen and controls in general do suck


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