Save The World Sanskrit-Style With The Legend of AbhiManYu

Save The World Sanskrit-Style With The Legend of AbhiManYu


Since a young age I’ve been gripped with a sense of wanderlust. Over the years I’ve travelled to many far flung places in search of beauty, adventure and a discovery of new cultures and traditions. So it should come as no surprise that India has been top of my bucket list for a long time! But, plan as I might, I still haven’t gotten to the continent of spices, yoga and Hinduism. I have, however, gotten a glimpse of one of the most important Sanskrit epics of ancient India: the Mahabharata, through the new 3D mobile game Legend of AbhiManYu, by ACY Entertainment.

Bear with me now as I try and break down an almost 3000 year old legend into the premise of a war game… Mahābhārata is an epic war between two tribes that have even the gods worried about the outcome. To ensure that the Kaurava and the Pandava don’t end up making a right mess of Earth, the moon god Chandradev is persuaded to send his son Varchas to Earth to be born a mortal to the greatest living warrior around, Arjuna. Whilst in-utero, AbhiManYu (Varchas’s human form) learns about the complex structure of Chakravyūha – a multi-tiered defensive formation that looks like a blooming lotus when viewed from above. It is this knowledged paired with AbhiManYu’s natural talent for archery and swordsmanship that will make him the hero (and your avatar) in the game.

Legend of AbhiManYu (LoA), is the first ever 3D mobile action game that depicts the epic battle of Mahābhārata (shocker, I know), mixing exciting gameplay with enriched, traditional art. Whilst playing you can see the huge amount of time and effort that has gone into rendering each scene with over 1000 characters, lending the gamer a sense of scope to the historic battle and situation of the game.

As you progress through LoA, the warriors at each interleaving position will become increasingly difficult to fight, be it through strategic position or just because they’re a big boss with loads of health bar. You’ll come across archers, sword soldiers, spear soldiers, sword generals, mace soldiers and powerful villains with supernatural powers whilst cracking the puzzle-like war formations such as  trident, circular, wing, wave, wheel and octopus.

The simple fact that this game is just a little bit different and steeped in a rich history that not many of us know about is reason enough to give it a crack – but the attention to detail, excitement and gamer-involvement will be the thing that makes you stay.

If if you fancy a crack at defeating the dastardly Kauravas, then download Legend of AbhiManYu from the Apple Store today!


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