Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker – play the Rocket’s way

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker – play the Rocket’s way


You play as Ronnie and play through the highlights of his career

Ahead of the highly anticipated inaugural Power Snooker tournament at the o2 Indigo Arena in London on Saturday, I recently decided to invest in the Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan’s officially endorsed iPhone app. Having had a chance to sample the game, it is an absolute bargain for £0.59. Snooker fans in particular will love the app while for those who are looking for a break (no pun intended) from the likes of FIFA and Tiger Woods, then this game will keep you occupied while also making snooker enjoyable.

What makes this app great is that it isn’t your ordinary snooker game. Instead, you play as Ronnie and play through the highlights of his career culminating with his famous World Championship success. Attempting to overcome some tricky opponents along the way, the great man even talks you through the game, giving you advice as you bid for glory. Ever the entertainer and sporting legend, there is also an In App Purchase on offer of playing under the Premier League Snooker format.

Playing against the clock, you battle against nine other players in your bid to become Premier League Snooker Champion. The app also allows players to battle their wits against opponents all over the world via Wi-Fi. Overall, this is a great app with truly impressive graphics making game-play very smooth and enjoyable. Well worth investing, with the additional In App Purchase ensuring you have plenty of snooker ahead of you.

Developer: P1 Sports Ltd . Price: £ 0.59



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