Rob Shoesmith is Back with Another Amazing Apple Experiment

Rob Shoesmith is Back with Another Amazing Apple Experiment


Rob Shoesmith


FanAppic are pleased to welcome back app developer and marketing guru Rob Shoesmith to discover the details of his latest Apple experiment. When we last spoke to Rob, he had just released his debut Apple iBook titled ‘Bin There Done That’, which was inspired by his 10-night camping experiment outside the Apple store in central London. Now he’s back and we are eager to discover what his next experiment has to offer!

FanAppic: Welcome Rob, It’s such a pleasure to have you join us. As avid fans and followers of yours, please share with us the details of your latest Apple experiment.

Rob: The idea for my experiment in 2013 is to see if I can get my photograph taken outside of every UK Apple Store. There is a catch though, I can’t spend any of my own money and rely on my social networking and blogging skills, as well as, an indiegogo crowd funding campaign and the power of the internet to make it happen. At present there are over 30 stores dotted around the UK I will need to get to.

FanAppic: Wow, this sounds absolutely incredible! How did the idea come about?

Rob: After camping 10 nights in London for the release of the iPhone 4s, I decided I wanted to undertake another experiment! I had such a great experience last time around and connected with some very fascinating people!

FanAppic: Rob, when is this incredible experiment due to start and how long do you anticipate it will take you to complete?

Rob: I’m hopefully looking to start the experiment in late spring/early summer. In terms of how long it’s going to take, I’m not 100% sure but I’m guessing less than a month. The experiment will take an awful lot of planning and from a logistical sense it will be very challenging to organise, bearing in mind I have to rely on the generosity of others.

FanAppic: You plan on travelling to each store using a variety of transport methods and fans have already presented you with some outrageously wacky ideas. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Rob: Think of my latest experiment as being a kind of over the top bucket list. Life is so short that you may as well cram as many fun things into it as possible.

Possible ideas include arriving at an Apple Store in a tank, by helicopter, speedboat or even by camel! I just want to let my hair down and let it be as wild as possible!

FanAppic: We simply cannot wait to see which transport ideas are used! How can our readers and fans get involved in the experiment? How can they find out where and when you will be visiting each store and do you have a planned route?

Rob: A big majority of my trip will be dictated by people following me on twitter @shoesmith81 and via my blog at The idea is that when I arrive in a city, users will be able to suggest and vote on things for me to get up to! Think of it as my life being somewhat controlled by social media! I will be looking to meet up with fellow Apple fans during the trip and will need some help and advice from my readers no doubt whilst on the trip! In terms of a route, I have a rough one sketched out in my head, but there are many factors to still to consider. A good few people have already offered help in terms of rides to various Apple Stores but as it’s all voluntary, I have to work with what’s convenient with them. I’m still looking for help in terms of transportation and accommodation arrangements.

FanAppic: You first became involved with app development back in 2009 with the release of your agony aunt style app Problem Halved. You have also released your debut iBook ‘Bin There Done That’ in 2012. Do you have any other app releases or iBook’s in the pipeline and can you spare us some details?

Rob: I always have app ideas in my head but am currently very busy promoting apps for MEDL Mobile who I work fulltime for. In terms of another iBook, I aim to write a book about the ‘Apple Visit’ experiment about my experiences along the way. The beauty of road trips is that you never know what is going to happen and I’m sure this will help promote the content for the new book.

FanAppic: Rob, as we are always intrigued and interested in your Apple experiments, could FanAppic come to offer their support and see how you’re getting on at one of the London Apple stores that you will be visiting? Perhaps we could conduct a video interview for our readers to report on your progress?

Rob: That sounds brilliant! I would love to meet up with you guys. Maybe some of your readers would like to drop by as well! We could all go for some Fish and Chips!

FanAppic: Fantastic! We will definitely arrange this. Rob, yet again you have managed to create an awe-inspiring Apple experiment. How do you plan to top this in the future? Can you let us in on any future ventures?

Rob: I have a big, big experiment pencilled in for 2014. The only way I will do it if I can pull off this year’s ‘Apple Visit’ experiment. One clue I can give you is that it would include copious amounts of water and would need a budget of at least $100,000.

FanAppic: Rob, we will wait in anticipation and curiosity for further details of this amazing future experiment.

For now, on behalf of all the team here at FanAppic, we would like to wish you the best of luck on your incredible Apple mission. We urge all our readers to support you, visit you at an Apple store and to look out for our follow-up video interview in London, which we will post on FanAppic. We are really looking forward to seeing you on your Apple journey! Thank you Rob.

If you would like to show your support, follow Rob’s journey, suggest ideas and contribute in any way possible, here are some useful links.

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