Which Rideshare App is Best for You?

Which Rideshare App is Best for You?


There are so many more transportation options out there than there used to be. Since calling a taxi is pretty last century, ridesharing has become the easiest way to get around. So, with all the ridesharing companies on the market, how do you know which app is best for you? Read on for more info!


Of course, Uber has revolutionized the game the past several years, becoming the go-to company for hitching a ride. They’re constantly adding new features to help fit your transportation needs. Uber is a great option if you need to choose your specific vehicle (UberXL if you’re riding with a bunch of people or UberBLACK for luxury cars). If you’re looking to carpool with several people, UberPOOL is an awesome way to save some bucks (and help the environment). Uber is also a good choice if you want a fare estimate to see what your ride will cost before you make a request. There’s even a Share ETA feature – you can send your arrival time to friends and family, so they’ll know exactly when to expect you.

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Lyft, a direct competitor of Uber, is very user-friendly. With Lyft, you can see a map that shows the rider’s real-time location, how many available Lyft cars there are, and the option to choose a pickup and dropoff location. Lyft users are also able to see what the costs will be upfront, so there aren’t any surprise charges after the ride ends. Additionally, there’s a feature that points out more convenient pickup locations for passengers. This helps the driver pick the quickest and most efficient route – which saves time for both parties. Lyft is always a great option if you’ve been out on the town – you’d probably rather pay for a ride than for a DUI lawyer!


Via is available in several major cities in the US and works by passengers getting to book a ride and then be matched with a nearby vehicle (usually with a five minute or less wait time). You can even share your ride with other passengers to help save money and cut carbon emissions. Via also generally sets the fee as a low, flat-rate for shared rides versus a higher price for a longer ride like other companies charge. This app is ideal if you live in a big city and don’t mind sharing a ride around town.

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If you need a ride to the airport, Wingz can be a perfect option. Although it’s only available at select major airports, it can be a nice alternative to a taxi because riders can schedule their trip in advance. Wingz also offers passengers the chance to know their costs upfront. You can even request your favorite drivers ahead of time.

Do your research on these apps before signing up to help you make the decision about which ridesharing program is best for your needs. You can even try a few of them out and make your pick after each rideshare experience. Just remember to pay attention to all costs and surcharges, and enjoy your ride!


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