Rhythm Studio: Get Your Hands On A TB-3 Synthesiser

Rhythm Studio: Get Your Hands On A TB-3 Synthesiser


Rhythm Studio iPhone App Review

These days it seems everyone can make music from their bedroom, but what about making music pretty much anywhere? Rhythm Studio provides a quality studio equipped with some excellent kit for all you budding producers out there. Anyone who knows what I’m talking about in the title; you’ll definitely want to read on!

With some detailed recreations of classic drum machines and synthesizers this is a music geeks dream. The layout is pretty simple and the graphics are really nice, but most importantly it sounds great. Being able to listen to loads of example tracks, go into the mixes and play around with them really helps to get your own ideas flowing and is a good introduction into the workings of the app. However I find the navigation of this app a bit of a letdown; double tapping to zoom in but not being able to repeat the action to zoom back out it a bit annoying.

Pros: Great content for the current price and a fun app to have for anyone with a keen interest in making beats.

Cons: Controls could be improved and I think some people who have no musical knowledge may find this app a bit difficult to get on with.

I would love to see some different viewing options for the studio equipment and maybe a timeline with bars to easily repeat sections rather than the counters at the top of the screen. Even though there are improvements to be made, the quality of sound is fantastic and with a little time taken to master the controls and workings of the equipment; this app allows you to make some very cool music.


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