Retro Racing: Middle Of The Road

Retro Racing: Middle Of The Road


Retro racing iPhone App Review

A racing game isn’t complicated to make, right? Well, no actually, there are a lot of subtleties that go into a racing title other thanforwards, backwards and brake.

So, the idea of having a new IOS title, made by a developer with not one, but two, top-view racing games for the Amiga already under his belt (Nitro and ATR respectively),is quite reassuring.

But, while Retro Racing is a very solid title and well worth it’s £0.69 value, it’s also missing that spark that would make it fantastic and difficult to put down.

The problem with the game stems very much from its origins, or more specifically; why would you base a new IOS game on two otherwise average Amiga titles?

Whether it’s the frantic gameplay of a Micro Machines or the massive customisation of Supercars (a true Amiga classic) the truth is that Retro Racing has neither. It’s unfortunately a very middle of the road racing game, which coincidentally, is a really awful place to be when you’re driving.


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