Remove Ghosts on Instagram with InstaFeedCleaner

Remove Ghosts on Instagram with InstaFeedCleaner


InstaFeedCleaner iPhone App Review

Social networking has seen an upward trend during the past few years. The trend of liking others photos not only helps to increase the level of friendship but also shows appreciation and concern towards the user. Many people tend to follow others just because they like a particular post of theirs. Some people just sit in our list of followers without showing any activity on our feeds. Slowly the list of followers and people one follows becomes a mess. How do we determine who is a genuine follower and who is just sitting in our list without having a single update?

Here is where InstaFeedCleaner comes handy. This app developed by Sunnarsoft Ltd helps in maintaining the list of friends on Instagram. It reflects on the number of likes by each person on the list and gives an overview of the comments made by them. It works on the last 20, 40 or 60 photos and produces results as to how many times a user has liked or commented on the snaps. It sorts them out on the basis of their activity and provides an in-depth overview of the activity of our own friends. Thus it provides data to analyze whom to follow and whom to just ‘unfollow’ with the help of a button which is present in the InstaFeedCleaner app itself. A clutter free Instagram is what the InstaFeedCleaner promises.

If you are confused, then the ’View in IG’ button allows you to take a closer look at anyone’s profile and thus helps to determine whether the person is worthy to follow or not. Moreover the latest instaFeedCleaner also offers the list of people you follow in the order of their activity on your photos, i.e., the most active or least active finds the top slot depending on your settings. This enables the user to know about the interest shown by the people one follows.

InstaFeedCleaner needs improvement in a few places. For example, the analysis is based on the previous 60 snaps maximum and sometimes this may not give a picture of the previous activities of the followers. However, this app is quite accurate in what it does and helps to know about the activity of others in just a glance.

Thus in today’s fast moving world people love social networking but do not find any time to organize their list of friends. In such cases InstaFeedCleaner provides a useful interface to clean up the list of people you follow depending upon their activity on your feeds. This product is not certified by Instagram but it uses Instagram API. InstaFeedCleaner requires iOS 5 or later and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad.

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