Red Ball 3: A Bouncing Success or a Deflated Failure

Red Ball 3: A Bouncing Success or a Deflated Failure


Red Ball 3 Hd iPad App Review

There are a lot of games out there that try to take the classic formula of Super Mario and give it a 21st century reboot; it’s like your mother trying to put a new icing on your favorite cake, when you already have the perfect mix. Why change it?!

Red Ball 3 is an example of this, a game that is basically doing the same thing as previous Red Ball games and the industry just adding High Definition to it. They don’t get it that some things simply don’t need to be updated; granted that it can be fun at times to play as a red ball in HD and try to complete stage after stage after stage, but after a while, you find yourself asking, “didn’t Mario already do this for me?”.

A nice looking game, though if you have an HD display the graphics increase its fun factor which was already at moderate; there are no hints, which means that some levels at times can get annoying causing you to leave it for hours, even days, on end. However I noticed that I would eventually go back even more empowered to defeat this annoying level, even if it was for only an hour.

The controls consist of three on screen buttons, a left and right arrow to move and a jump button. I did notice that I had to die many times to collect the stars. Some are very difficult to acquire, Red Ball 3 did also impress me of how challenging it was, especially past level 10, where the use of physics is a key player and a key enemy which is most impressive to see how the developer utilizes this. It’s good to see a game that makes the player use their brain, (yes I’m talking to you Fat Booth!).


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