Rate Your Day: One More Way to Over Share

Rate Your Day: One More Way to Over Share

rate your day iphone app review
I know it’s the age of information but do we really need to know, well, everything?!

The world of the iPhone user is an open book for all to see. Everything we do is easily shared via Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, and more. Watching the season finale of your favorite show? Check in to GetGlue or Miso and let the world know. Here’s one more way to share your life with the world at large: Rate Your Day.

This app is really very simple. Using a five star rating system, you rate every day and maybe include a brief statement to back it up. For example, two stars and “Having a case of the Mondays” is then shared via your choice of Facebook or Twitter.

Of course, you could send the same update via each network’s app just without the stars. Why bother with yet another social commentary app? Rate Your Day is also tied to your zodiac. When you first sign in to the app, it asks for your birth date rather than a user name. When you rate your day, it tracks how others with your sign rated the day and compares it with all the other signs. For example, March 3rd was not a great day for Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, as those people averaged only three stars out of five.

The app also archives your ratings and comments, in case you want to look back to see whether you were actually effected by Seasonal Affective Disorder or remember how much fun your vacation was. And be warned: If you skip a day, the app sends you a reminder.

I have to admit that I think this one is a little goofy. The power of the iPhone is its ability to multitask, so I look for apps that can help me accomplish many things at once. Rate Your Day is just one of a crowded field of status sharing apps. I think I already have what this can do for me.


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