Press Release: Storagepipe’s Downtime Cost Calculator Helps Disaster Recovery Budgeting

Press Release: Storagepipe’s Downtime Cost Calculator Helps Disaster Recovery Budgeting


IT managers have a tougher job than most people would imagine. They’re constantly asked to do more for end-users while simultaneously having their budgets squeezed.

This is especially true when it comes to business continuity and disaster planning. It used to be that companies could simply copy their data to a backup disk and send it away for remote storage. But today’s modern datacenters face a wide array of new threats that hadn’t even existed just 10 years ago.

–          Compliance

–          Web 2.0

–          24.7 Online Business

–          Total Cost of Ownership

–          Viruses

–          Hackers

–          Data Growth

–          Mobile Computing

–          Email Quotas

–          Etc…

Our dependence on IT systems continues to increase while the amount of data we need to store is also growing. This means that – when it comes to disaster planning – IT managers also have to consider the impact on server uptime and performance.

For some companies, a day or 2 offline can be tolerated. But for others, just a few hours of downtime can shut the whole organization down for good.

In order to effectively allocate IT spending with maximum efficiency, it’s important to align downtime with company financial data. This will ensure the best protection, with the least amount of waste.

The Storagepipe Downtime Calculator is a free app (for iPhone and Android) that takes in basic company financial data and uses it to perform a detailed analysis of potential downtime costs. This data things such as total costs, revenue costs and productivity costs. To download this app, you can visit

Storagepipe Solutions is a provider of online data protection, compliance and disaster recovery services for business, and has been serving the business continuity needs of companies since 2001. For more information on Storagepipe and its services, visit

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