Press Release: Cats Inc just loaded to the app store

Press Release: Cats Inc just loaded to the app store


A friendly family of three cats are in a chase for some mouth-watering sausages. The father, a red cat, who is so fat that he looks like a ball with little legs, has the hardest task. Being the head of the family he has the biggest responsibility and has to look after his beautiful, slim and exquisite cat-wife together with their small sweet kitten-child.


They have to pick up sausages, but this task is not as easy as it sounds. The life of the stray family is often fraught with difficulties, as sausages, unfortunately, do not grow on trees and besides it is not  just a simple matter of jumping to obtain them. The hungry cats have to move about and pull down boxes, each of different weights. If a box is too heavy it can only be moved by the overweight, (and consequently) strong, cat-father. Willy-nilly the red, plump ‘bread-winner’ has to do it. The cats can also use ladders and even lifts, but only if they (specifically a player) demonstrate their savvy. You should bear in mind that sometimes our heroes can wander to such places upon where it is difficult to find an exit. It will be a real task to take the kitten-child through different closets, sewerage systems and the streets of the town, as they are fraught with the danger of falling. The smallest member of the family is not proficient enough at jumping, thus the parents will have to help the child overcome all the difficulties it faces and think over their movements.


There are 15 levels and with every level you will need to use ever increasing logic, skills and be quick witted enough to help the cat-family find food, just as importantly they must remain safe and sound. The game is easy to operate but it is not going to be a ‘piece of cake’ to go through all the levels. Will you try? It will surely sharpen your logic and wits. You can also compare your results with that of other players from all over the world. The game is colorful and fun to play.  No doubt the family of three loveable, (and hungry) cats will keep you entertained for hours!


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