Poynt: A new breed of ‘Super App’ for the iPhone!

Poynt: A new breed of ‘Super App’ for the iPhone!

Poynt iPhone App Review
You can even search for your friends’ locations using Poynt’s address book!

You know you’ve made it when you’ve got your own Personal Assistant; someone to organise your work and social life, not only remember your wife’s birthday but also book a table at her favourite restaurant to celebrate it and, of course, the cliché of someone to turn to, should the marriage end, and elope to the Bahamas with. Well, no matter how useful and glamourous having a PA may be, they are fast being replaced by a new breed of ‘Super Apps’, on our iPhones, Apps that can do everything that a PA can do at the push of a button. (Well, except the eloping!)

Poynt posits itself to be one of these new breeds; in its essence it is a ‘finding’ App, able to locate nearby restaurants, petrol stations, cinemas and theatres using Google Maps. However, it goes much further than most other Apps of its ilk, as once you have selected, say a restaurant, you can actually book a table through the Poynt system and the date will be added to your calendar. This also works for cinema and theatre bookings and Poynt allows you to search for your favourite film, streaming trailers from a wide selection of movies and shows you which of the nearest cinemas is showing it and purchase a ticket through the App. Likewise for the restaurant section, you can search for the type of cuisine that you are in the mood for and Poynt will give you a shortlist of local eateries to match your hunger’s demands!

Poynt is a very useful little App, seeing as it can also locate local businesses that sell whatever goods you require, guiding you to them using augmented reality on iPhone 4s. The weather update on the home screen may seem a little pointless, (Poyntless?!), at first seeing as it updates it as the day goes by, however, you can also get weather predictions and forecasts. Best of all, you can use it to schedule a meeting with your PA, either to let her go or…well you can’t run away with your iPhone, can you?!

Poynt - Multiplied MediaDeveloper: Multiplied Media
Latest release date: Nov 10, 2010
Price: Free


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