Plants vs. Zombies: Oh Frankenstein, Leaf It Out!

Plants vs. Zombies: Oh Frankenstein, Leaf It Out!

Plants vs. Zombies iPhone App Review
Only flower power can stop the undead!

Imagine if a group of zombies came back from the dead and attacked your house. How on earth would you defend yourself against those who are, essentially, undead. Well, just use the flowers in the garden, it seems.

Plants vs. Zombies is a light-hearted look at the idea of people coming back from the dead with a chip on their shoulder. It is not a game that should be taken too seriously and even if you didn’t like it, the basic idea will raise a smile on many iPhone owners’ faces.

By planting sunflowers in your garden, you will eventually collect enough sunlight to grow an impressive shrubbery. As well as its visual beauty, those flowers will come in handy once the zombies attack.

But fortunately, the plants are not quite what they seem. They possess the ability to shoot, trap and eliminate the zombies one-by-one, meaning that the more care you take over your garden, the more likely you are to survive the invasion.

As the levels progress, more obstacles will be thrown in your way. The weather will become a problem – stopping zombies is significantly more difficult when it’s dark, foggy or raining, you know.

And don’t forget, if you’re struggling, have a word with Crazy Dave. He’s your moaning neighbour, an entertaining character willing to sell you more flowers should you need them.

The game is complete with mini-tasks within the overall scheme of things that keep you on your toes. As simple as the app may be, should you become overrun with zombies, it will take skill and concentration to warn them off.

The app is amusing, but lovers of games that involve killing zombies may not be impressed. This is very much for the casual zombie-killer, not the experienced one. If anything, the luscious garden you can create is worth playing the game, although there are better games of this kind out there.



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