PixSmash: Picture Quiz against Friends – Review

PixSmash: Picture Quiz against Friends – Review



Every now and again I come across a puzzle game that will be challenging and I will be entirely hooked on for a few days. One that is so annoyingly challenging that it’s hard to put do. That app for me this time around is PixSmash. It’s a simple but challenging image trivia puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. If you like puzzle games and like competing against other players then PixSmash might be just for you.

PixSmash is a simple puzzle game. Your aim is to try and guess the word from only 4 pictures. The challenge comes when you need to guess that word quicker than your opponent to win. The app consist of a number of different categories to choose from; plants, animals, movies, logos and much more. There are new pictures and puzzles available every day. With over 2000 puzzles you are sure to spend loads of time playing.


Playing is easy. You will be greeted with a wheel with “Go” in the middle. Tap on “Go” the wheel will spin and you will get your category. If you’re not happy with the category you can use 5 coins to “spin again”. Once you’re happy you tap “Next”. Once you continue, you will have 30 seconds to solve the task and choose the word. The faster you solve, the more points you get. You ultimately have to choose what all the images have in common and tap on the letters in the right order to solve the puzzle. You can play against friends or a random player from across the world. You can play with friends on Whatsapp by allowing the PixSmash access to WhatsApp. You receive coins each time you win a game. Getting more coins is key because they will come in handy when you want to progress throughout the puzzle games. Plus if your opponent wins you lose 5 coins each time. Coins doesn’t only allow you to “spin again” it also allows players to get hints of where a letter goes and also gives the solution of a puzzle. You can add more coins with the in-app purchase or other options.

Believe me when I say that PixSmash is frustratingly challenging. Sometimes the word you’re looking for seems so difficult until you see the solution. I find myself not giving up and keep trying to play through the game, however I had to put it away because I would have been late for work. PixSmash is free to download but offers in-app purchases. Fun, challenging and addictive.


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