PingMe Messenger: Another Great Messenger App

PingMe Messenger: Another Great Messenger App


Ping Me iPhone App Review

If there’s one thing the app store is not lacking, it’s messaging apps. New ones are constantly popping up, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. I happen to love it- the more messaging apps the better. Whenever I find a new one, I immediately have to download it and try it out. WhatsApp is currently my favorite, but I just discovered a new one, and it’s a close second. Meet PingMe, the new messenger in town.

I’ve been using PingMe for a couple of weeks now, and I’m really impressed. It’s features are somewhat similar to WhatsApp’s, but it feels like a completely different app, thanks to its amazing user interface. In fact, I like PingMe’s user interface even better than WhatsApp’s (sorry old buddy, it was a close call).

Feature wise, PingMe is as rich as they come. Message receipts, status updates, cross platform, group chat, and an easy registration are just some of what it boasts. And unlike other messaging apps, they added geo- location, which allows you to see where your PingMe buddies are on a map. They also make it really easy to find your friends, either through scanning your address book or connecting with Facebook. Additionally, you can invite someone to join PingMe from the app, via Twitter or Facebook.

All in all, PingMe is a fantastic app, and it’s earned a permanent residency in my social folder. It’s not replacing anything, it’s just joining the team. There’s no rule that limits you to a certain amount of messaging apps, and I feel that sometimes people need to be reminded of this. If you like two apps equally, keep them both! Except in my case, where it’s more like keep all twelve of them…


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