Photo Academy: Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

Photo Academy: Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone


Photo Academy iPhone App Review

If you want to take better photos than this is the app for you. This handy dandy little app isn’t so little. It’s packed full of information and tips to take every sort of photo imaginable.


  • Take your own photo to add to the journal.
  • Add photos to the journal that are already on your phone.
  • Lots of tips.
  • Plenty of example photos that are useful and fun to look at.
  • For all levels.
  • Tips can be used for other non-phone photography.
  • Other content packs available.
  • 30 Articles
  • 1000s of photos
  • Tips and examples for everything, even camera settings.


  • It’s missing the fun feature of adding that something special to your photos. There is no creativity. Just tips and photos.

Summary: An instructional app for taking photos on a phone? Yep, we’ve got an app for that. Whether you just take photos for fun on your phone, carry a digital camera wherever you go, or are a professional, this is a must-have app for everyone. It’s just fun!


  1. I am very intrigued by the fact that this app offers a ton of tips and examples..but I am a little thrown off by the con provided and yet you summarize this app as a must download? I guess either way it would be an interesting and helpful app to have…I think I may download. Or at least add it to my “Cool” iPhone Photo Apps list and see whether people vote/comment for it as a must have >


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