Passion’s Blood: Amazing Interactive Fantasy Book On iPad (Sponsored)

Passion’s Blood: Amazing Interactive Fantasy Book On iPad (Sponsored)


As a writer, the idea that books may one day become obsolete in the place of Kindles and iPads chills me to the bone; however, after reading Passion’s Blood on the iPad then I can begin to see the allure…

Passion’s Blood is an interactive story app that weaves a passionate tale of magic and adventure, filled with beautiful and enchanting leading ladies and brave, handsome Princes that battle for their love through a tangled web of treachery and deceit. The story itself is fun and action-packed and anyone who is into fantasy and romantic fiction would enjoy it based on the narrative alone. However, the real draw in terms of innovation is the illustrations that lie throughout the story, which are drawn by the talented duo of Cherif Fortin and Lynn Sanders and really bring the adventure to life.

The images are simply beautiful…

Taking the graphic novel approach one step further as the text is actually sound tracked by music and sound effects throughout! So, as you are reading a tender or exciting passage, you can hear such sounds as the galloping of hooves or flute-like music whilst you are reading. If you combine this with the beauty and majesty of the stunning pictures then you become transported into an ethereal world filled with magical beings and visceral adventure.

Utilising the iPad’s touch screen, you can swipe through the chapters at your own pace, with one of the 25 illustrations popping up at suitable interludes; this really helps with picturing the characters and offers a much more interactive experience than simply flicking through pages.

We really dig the ‘scroll’ that it’s printed on!

As the book really is a rip-roaring read that moves at a quick pace and features plenty of action and emotion, the pictures and music really do add to the ambience of putting yourself ‘in to the story’; I’m not sure how this approach would go down with a slow, plodding detective story, but in the genre of Romantic Adventure, they’re on to a winner.


Passion’s Blood is a superb interactive book for the iPad, with awesome pictures and an entertaining sound track; any fans of the adventure/romance genre of storytelling will certainly enjoy it. As an iPad app, it uses the crystal clear screen of the iDevice to project engaging pictures and the ‘scroll’-like background that you read the words on is a really nice touch.


  • The stunning layout and pictures really engage the reader in the story.
  • At only $4.99, it’s cheaper than a normal book and a lot more fun.

Room For Improvement

  • At 307 MB, you may want o save it on your computer and only load it on to your iPad when you’re reading it!
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  1. I was curious about this “animated interactive” story concept. I decided to give”Passion’s Blood” a look see. I was pleasntly suprised. A fast moving story and certainly not your usual romance. I could see male influence, especially in the battle scenes. I liked the characters, good and bad. The 25 fantastic illustrated images had an old world charm about them. I loved the parchment under the script. The music and sound effects added to the hole package.
    I would definitely recommend this offering to all romance adventure fan and also to those who want to see the future of fine art, animation and story.

  2. I have the book and the illustrations are exquisite. It’s a wonderful story and the reading experience comes to life with the breathtaking images as your visual aid.


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