Pages: Stylish Word Processor for the iPad

Pages: Stylish Word Processor for the iPad

pages ipad app review
'Warning! Your laptop will feel neglected!'

Apple never ceases to amaze me with their leading inventions and creations and therefore, their range of apps live up to their well respected name. As a freelance writer, Pages was the first app I installed on my iPad 2 and I have not switched on my laptop since!

Pages is an advanced word processor, which allows the user to create a range of stylish and professional documents in a vast range of languages. The 16 Apple templates provided are fantastic for creating letters, flyers, posters, reports, cards, invitations and many more! It’s amazing to view your documents on the wide screen and using the large onscreen keyboard and style ruler provided makes creating easy and enjoyable!

The advanced layout tools allow users to add photographs, videos, charts and tables easily and effectively. The dynamic text wrapping is a fantastic feature as you simply move any visual around while the text arranges itself! Pages also automatically saves your work as you go and the undo feature allows you to go back and undo anything, even after you have closed your document and reopened it at a later time. In my opinion, a great feature for any students or writers who crammed in some late night writing, only to find it made no sense or didn’t quite look good enough to submit the next day!
Once your documents have been created, you can send them to print over a wireless network with AirPrint. Documents can be saved and opened in Pages, Microsoft Word and as a PDF format. ITunes File Sharing also allows users to copy documents from their iPad directly to a Mac, PC or to MobileMe iDisk. An incredible Word Processor and highly recommended for all iPad users.


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