Office Time: An Office On Your iPhone

Office Time: An Office On Your iPhone


Office Time iPhone App Review

A all-in-one type program for those who bill by the hour. Easily track what you do every day, even what you spend.


  • Timesheets
  • Projects
  • Categories
  • Reports
  • Expense
  • Desktop Sync


  • The price of the app

$47 for the PC or Mac version (allows for syncing)

Summary: Tracking was smooth sailing. Press “new session” to get started. You can enter the name of the project (I wrote “apps review” and then category “iphoneapps”), then hit start, and off the counter went. Before starting you should enter your categories and rates because when you are tracking your time, down in the corner it will give you the time you are working and how much money you have made. While the price is a little steep for a time tracking app, especially when there are so many free ones available, this app also allows you to track your expenses. At the end of the day you can view reports. These are features other free and low cost apps are lacking, forcing you to have another app to keep up with. Sometimes free is good, but dealing with two or three apps to do what you want can be quite unproductive. I would like to see an option to email myself the daily log instead of forcing me to pay $47 for a desktop version of the program in order to have that information available for tax time.

In conclusion, yes it’s a great program if these are the features you are seeking. Personally, as a freelancer, I would stick with the free and low cost versions that allow me to export my data.


  1. Hi Chrystal,

    Great review!

    Did you know you can email yourself a report of any screen in the app? Just press the export button and it’ll send an Excel compatible file to you. There’s also a free version but, alas, it doesn’t do the export to email.


  2. And here are the free promo codes for this incredible app that we’re giving away to the fastest-clicking iPhoneAppCafe fans…enjoy!


  3. Thank you, David! I just redeemed the last coupon code. It’s downloading now, and I’ll submit a review on the app store after using it.


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