Apple delays the UK Ipad launch until late May


    APPLE has announced that the UK launch of its latest portable device, the Ipad, has been delayed for a month.

    The device which apparently has sold over 500,000 units in the United States since its launch on 3 April was expected on these shores by late April. However the UK Apple website was updated to announce that the device will now be available in “late May”.

    Jobs’ Mob was clearly not sure whether their latest overpriced toy would be a goer, blaming the delay on the healthy sales figures stating that demand was “surprisingly strong” and “far higher than we predicted”.

    The delay could be down to a number of hardware factors. Recently the fruit themed toymaker had to enlist the help of Samsung, as its primary supplier of touchscreens, LG Electronics, wasn’t able to meet demand for the cut down tablet device. Reports of the device being unable to attain and sustain WiFi reception have also surfaced.

    The firm also stated that it will announce pricing and be start taking pre-orders for the device from 10 May.

    Those who want to get their hands on the device will either continue to have them shipped over from the States, hunt around on auction sites or just be patient.

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