Ned Nibbler: Scare Yourself Into Eating Healthily!

Ned Nibbler: Scare Yourself Into Eating Healthily!


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Eating healthily. Some of us love it, some of us don’t. Love it or not we generally like to get through our meals without keeling over, correct? Well for our little green friend Ned Nibbler, it’s not so simple. Ned was created in a laboratory to experiment with the effects of eating various types of food in a stressful environment.

He’s not had an easy life – with a second name like ‘Nibbler’, school must have been tough. The bad news for wee Ned is that he can quite easily keel over at every meal, the poor little chap. He’s going through each meal risking his beady little eye so that we can know what to eat to be healthy!

Your mission, should you accept it, is to get Ned through various laboratories without getting him killed. Unfortunately for Ned, there are a lot of ways he could die. Eat too much, eat too little, eat the wrong things, get spiked, burned or frozen… you get the general idea! Now you don’t want little Ned to die, do you? Go save our green friend!

Keeping Ned alive is no easy task. You have to keep a close eye on his vital statistics including: fat, muscle, water, energy and health. Ned can walk, jog or run (running being better for his general health than a slow walk). For those of you still shaking off those Christmas pounds, this could be inspiration to get those gym shoes on and monitor your vital statistics!

For breakfast I like to enjoy a bowl of cereal, maybe some toast or even a croissant – if I’m feeling really bonkers. Ned however, could be munching on an icicle, being pierced by a spike or falling down a trap door. For my lunch I like to enjoy a… Well you see where this is going. Make sure Ned has a good day by avoiding these traumatic ends.


The app, although a little eccentric, could actually be a great way to scare kids into eating healthy! Set out in an old school gaming platform and supporting a theme tune that the SNES and Sega Megadrive would be proud of, Ned Nibbler battles through each meal seeing what works and what doesn’t. Some traps are obvious to stay away from (a spike) but some food is not (the dreaded poisonous mushroom). Work your way through breakfast, lunch and dinner and keep Ned healthy. Keep on the lookout though, there are new levels to be introduced very soon!

Run over to the App Store now and save Ned!


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