Nadya: I Think It’s A Tower Defence Game

Nadya: I Think It’s A Tower Defence Game


Nadya iPhone App Review

Some of you should know by now that I love a Tower Defence game; regardless of how farfetched they can be, there’s just something that I find extremely addictive about them.

That is why I am incredibly surprised that I simply cannot get on with Nadya. It looks old and 90’s PC-ish, but not in a cool, nostalgia kind of way…In a crap way. Lots of little buttons, icons and little neon green numbers are scattered all around the screen. I played through 3 levels without having much of an idea of what was going on and what all the towers even did.

Pros: I honestly don’t know what to say.

Cons: Terrible layout of buttons, confusing, complicated and difficult to see everything on an iPhone screen.

Maybe I am simply not clever enough to get into this bazaar attempt of a strategy/defence game. It most certainly will not be everyone’s cup of tea. If anyone has played this and can explain to me what I’m missing, then please do!


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