MyPuzzle: Rearrange Your Own Face

MyPuzzle: Rearrange Your Own Face


MyPuzzle iPhone App Review

MyPuzzle will make you think twice about the pictures you take with your iPhone or iPad. Select one of your saved photos and the app will split it into 40 pieces and rearrange it, leaving you to put it back together like an electronic jigsaw.

And that’s about all there is to it. There’re no bells and whistles – just an app that turns your photos into puzzles. It’s simple and effective, but unfortunately somewhat lacking. It could really use some difficulty options, like timed puzzles, or a range of piece numbers – 20, 60, 80, perhaps even 100 – just to make it more than a mere novelty.

Okay, so you can add the difficulty yourself. Taking a picture of a white wall and will pose obvious difficulties. But then that bears the question, why would you want to take a picture of a white wall? Is the app really worth clogging up your memory with crap photos? The short answer is no.

Pros:A clever idea, but feels unfinished.

Cons:Needs more of a game element to draw people in for longer and make them come back for more.


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