MyDirections: Take Me There!

MyDirections: Take Me There!


MyDirections iPhone App Review

Have you ever been out and about searching for a quick Starbucks coffee break or looking for a particular restaurant for a bite to eat?

Whatever you are searching for, MyDirections will take you there!

Pros: This is a great app for helping you find any destination with minimal typing effort. There is no need to search for or type in postcodes and street names, as users just need to simply select their destination outlet and the app will launch the directions automatically. You can also add a custom list of your favourite outlets, for instance Starbucks, so wherever you are located, the app will launch the nearest Starbucks so you can get your coffee fix ASAP! A fantastic feature of MyDirections is that the app preloads the addresses from the address book, allowing you to reach your friends and family quickly and easily. The directions load quickly and offer alternative routes to reach selected destinations. Simple to use, straight to the point and well worth the free download!

Cons: Just ensure you have a good signal in order to gain the full benefits of this great app!



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