My Five-Minute Yoga Practice By Eve Johnson

My Five-Minute Yoga Practice By Eve Johnson


My Five Minute Yoga Practice iPhone App

No need for expensive DVD or a subscription to Netflix, with My Five-Minute Yoga Practice , yoga is available to you any time of the day from your Smartphone.

From iTunes: “Are you going to a yoga class, but not seeing progress? Do you want the benefits of yoga, but don’t know where to start? Everyone has five minutes a day.”


  • Explains why 5 minutes
  • What and Why of Yoga
  • 11 different 5 min Yoga poses
  • Mark your favorites
  • Combine 5’s for a longer routine
  • Settings allow you to have the instructions on or off
  • Play your own music from a playlist
  • Set daily reminders


  • Extremely limited
  • Only 11 poses available


When thinking about the daily amount of exercise that is recommended for good health and weight loss (30 minutes to 1 hours) it is easy to get overwhelmed. We are busy people with busy lives. Some people are on a budget and can’t afford monthly subscriptions to DVD clubs, health clubs or even digital cable. For some Smartphone’s and the internet are all they have access too. With a program like My Five you can break your time down into smaller increments giving you time throughout your day to complete your daily requirements instead of doing it all at once, without breaking the bank. If you need more than 11 basic poses, this app is not going to be for you. Great for beginners or someone just looking to add a few more fitness minutes to their day.


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