Mr. Cond 2: Safe Sex In An iPhone Game? Just Say...

Mr. Cond 2: Safe Sex In An iPhone Game? Just Say Yes! (9 free codes)


Mr Cond 2 iPhone App Review

Making an iPhone game that involves flying condoms, STDs and bacteria is always going to polarise people into those that consider it bad taste and those that think that it’s a pretty funny concept that advertises a very serious topic; I am in the latter group.

Mr Cond 2 is a sequel to the first condom-related game called, uh, Mr Cond and it repeats a similar formula as the first, albeit with improved graphics and funkier (aka weirder) backgrounds. Basically, it is your mission to prevent bacteria and diseases entering a woman’s vagina by positioning a floating condom in various places on the screen. Yep, you read that right…Angry Birds, this ain’t.

Choose your, uh, weapon…

You can decide which background to choose from; these range from the cavernous to the quasi-extraterrestrial and provide an amusing backdrop to the game, as it is essentially set within a woman’s nether regions. Like in any good 7-11, you also get to pick the type of condom that you are going to use to catch all of these floating diseases (n.b. you can also pick up antibiotics along the way that will boost your health), and try and ‘score’ (pun completely intended), as many points as possible. Well, it’s certainly more parent-friendly than notches on the bedpost…


Bag up those points…

Whether this game will go along way in promoting safe sex is debatable, but at least it is putting a very serious message out there for all to consider; remember guys, don’t be a fool: WRAP YOUR TOOL!

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