Mobile Gaming and Its Influence on Edutainment

Mobile Gaming and Its Influence on Edutainment


Mobile gaming and education are miles apart. However, they influence each other but do not seem to have any connection with each other. While a section of the education fraternity scoffs at the thought of mobile gaming influence on education, there are researches being conducted to understand the effect of mobile gaming on the cognitive skill development in preschoolers. Cards games like rummy are considered to help young kids understand the concepts of numbers and their sequences. Today’s children grow up in an environment surrounded by gadgets like mobiles, computers, gaming consoles etc. The traditional approach to education which is characterised by lectures and written study materials may fail to gain the attention of these youngsters.

As we explore the possibilities of mobile gaming influence on education, we may also make note of the fact that mobile games are growing day by day. Hence, we need to look at ways to use them as part of education and entertainment.

How are mobiles useful in edutainment?

The fact that smartphones are versatile and mobile is connected to the internet makes them the most preferred means of learning. Their tactile interface makes information available at your fingertips. This leads to active engagement of students, particularly in education domain which usually has the passive involvement.

Multisensory – effective learning in children

One of the key essentials of education is to develop multisensory processes in children. By virtue of mobile gaming, especially card games like online rummy, you’re able to develop better multisensory processes in children for effective learning.  The game is all about grouping the cards based on similar numbers or ascending order of numbers from different families or cards or colours. Thus, learning is more enjoyable and interesting.

Assessment – participation from children

In order to make learning an interesting activity, we tend to use games. Gamification encourages the participation of all the students. Gaming has always been a part of student learning. However, it is only recently that digital technology has taken it a step further underlining its importance in the recent years.

Reward – incentivize participation

Studies shown in recent years suggest that teachers are trying to leverage digital gaming as tools for imparting education. Many teachers and parents use mobile gaming as a means to promote learning in children to incentivize participation from children.  Such measures will also have the willing participation of the not-so-keen kind of children too.

The future ahead

As we make more movement into a powerful digital future, where digital gadgets like mobile gaming are proving to be ‘the learning’ tools for education enveloped in the fun, it would be as interesting as the games themselves to watch them. The remarkable switching of mobiles as fun gadget one moment and a learning aid the next moment throws light on the myriad possibilities that mobile gaming could offer in the coming days. With the availability of several mobile apps which offer both fun and education, learning seems to be moving to a new high.

Whether you play rummy game or age of empires, mobile gaming is here to stay and is creating the right vibes across.