Minesweeper Maniac: Explosive Fun On Your iPhone

Minesweeper Maniac: Explosive Fun On Your iPhone


Minesweeper Maniac iPhone App Review

How far computer games have come since I was a kid and all I had to choose from was Minesweeper and Solitaire on the PC…actually, I secretly loved Minesweeper, so I was very excited to test out Minesweeper Maniac and see if I still had a passion for dodging destruction.

As soon as you enter the game, you are greeted by the electro-thud of tense music that adds to the atmosphere of bomb diffusing, (I bet bomb disposal experts are big Kraftwerk fans…). A military background also adds to the seriousness of the game’s façade, which is a nice touch.

The game play is very smooth and straight-forward and the touchscreen reveals where you can and can’t poke your finger…a few goes in and I’m already back to my ten year-old self, giggling nervously at the risky moves, (I was cool in my teenage years, OK?!)

To keep things from getting too familiar, you can choose ‘Stealth Mode’ for pro-gamers, although anyone who can pass level 6 deserves a medal of honour in my book. You can also play against friends on Facebook using the ‘Dominate’ mode, which is a really cool attribute.

All in all, a simple and very effective game; at the moment it’s only $0.99 and worth every cent.


  • Very cool sound and visual effects, with big explosions!
  • Smooth game play that lets you go from level to level uninterrupted
  • Much better visuals than a lot of its rivals


  • It made me remember how many hours I used to play Minesweeper as a kid…eek.



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