Mine Sweeper of Wizard: The Coolest Mine Sweeper. Ever.

Mine Sweeper of Wizard: The Coolest Mine Sweeper. Ever.


Mine Sweeper of Wizard iPhone App Review

If you like Mine Sweeper, and you like a good story you’ll love this game. And yes, this is the coolest Mine Sweeper app… coming from a developer of Mine Sweeper, myself you should believe me.

The game starts with a story…. The evil wizard, the hopeless people, and you the savior who will save the people from all darkness and hopelessness.

You can choose between Single Mode, Survival Mode and Speed Mode. Each of these enhances the game making it new adventure to play and be a part of.

Since I know all about Single Mode… I’m going for Survival Mode.

In survival mode you are to reveal everything as fast as possible (duh, right?) but you can’t hit a bomb… even if you tried. The whole point of this mode is to hit the square that reveal the most of the screen automatically so you can save time.

Speed mode is just like playing standard good old mine sweeper.

The graphics are also stunning; castles and villages populate your coordinate plane and shrink or grow out of the tip of your finger as you tap your way to victory.

This game gets a 7/10. Mine Sweeper is old, yes, sure… but after playing this game for a few days I didn’t really feel like I was playing the old 1984 Microsoft game.



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