miCoach – Your Own Personal Trainer in Your iPhone

miCoach – Your Own Personal Trainer in Your iPhone

miCoach will help you to train and self-motivate and get faster and better at your chosen sport

This cool new app provides an all-in-one planner and personal training coach for anyone who wants to get fit. With this app, you can sync your iPhone to a tailored training scheme that’s professionally designed to build your performance and endurance, choosing from one of the following:

• Fitness regime through walking, running, or biking
• Running (e.g. training for a marathon)
• Football
• American Football
• Tennis
• Basketball

Once you’ve chosen your plan, miCoach helps you to build a personalised schedule, depending on your current fitness level, your goals and the time you want to dedicate to your fitness regime. Each day you get your personalised workout delivered to your phone and the inbuilt coach will guide and motivate you right in your ear as you exercise.

The tracking that comes with this app is second to none. It uses GPS to track your location and distance covered, and tells you all the details you could want about your pace, workout time and distance, and how many calories you’ve burned – for both indoor and outdoor workouts. All in all, this app is a comprehensive and excellent addition to the exercise / coaching / tracking market.

Most people like to play music while doing their exercise, and with this app you can fire up iTunes and set your favourite tracks going before you start. You can then start your miCoach session, and it will cleverly make the music dim when your in-ear coach needs to speak to you!

A less cool feature is the automatic shoe wear alert. The app will tell you when it’s time to buy a new pair of running shoes … I wonder why?!

App released 1st August 2010, developed by Adidas International Inc, £Free


  1. Good app, thanks for reviewing, I like how these big companies are doing great apps for free to build their brands. It’s got to be good for the consumer at the end of the day.


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