Men’s Health Workouts:The App that killed The Personal Trainer

Men’s Health Workouts:The App that killed The Personal Trainer


Men’s Health Workouts iPhone App Review

For those among you who have already long forgotten their New Year’s resolutions and have taken to imprisoning their gym cards in their wallets the Men’s Health Workouts app is the answer to getting back on track.

The app is your comprehensive workout companion, like a personal trainer, but instead of £30 an hour you only have to pay £1.19 for a lifetime of expertise advice from the world’s top athletes, coaches and fitness experts. Whether you are looking to beef up, increase strength, or burn fat the app provides easy to follow instructional workouts for whatever your goals are.

At any one time there will be a minimum of 20 full workouts and over 150 individual exercises, ensuring that the app does exactly what it says on the tin – providing a fantastic resource for workout material.

The App is divided into two main categories; Exercises and Workouts. The exercises function allows the user to create their own tailor made workout by browsing through and selecting a series of exercises. The exercises are arranged by alphabetical order or targeted body part. The apps workout function offers the user a comprehensive workout based on the users Goal; Fat Loss / Cardio / Strength / Bulk or by Body Part; Better Abs / Better Back etc. Once you select a workout you will be provided with a list featuring pictures of each individual workout that you can browse through with a flick.

Whether you are a beginner or a gym rat the app is a fantastic in-pocket personal trainer which allows the user to keep a personal fitness log that offers the option of recording the time a workout has taken, reps done, and weights used. It also has the functionality of the magazine providing easy to navigate full motion images and text instructions in a seamless layout ensuring that each exercise is as simple as possible to replicate. You can also email and save your exercise logs to track your progress to a better you with an app that is better that anything else out there for men.

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