London2Go for iPhone will explain The Big Smoke

London2Go for iPhone will explain The Big Smoke


london attrations iphone appUpdated 23rd June 2010, By Tymon Wiedemair, £ 0.59

Most major cities around the world have a vast following of travel and tourist apps. They’re nice to have but they don’t really get us jumping around with excitement. Many are available for London and most have similar uses to the recently upgraded London2Go. But this one looks cooler.

This new app has two main features – a map and guide to the history and landmarks of the capital. But before you nod off, let us tell you that it’s probably the most detailed map of London available. Roads are marked in clear colours, most streets are named along with major areas highlighted in blue, parks are clearly distinguished in green, POI’s such as pubs, supermarkets, car parks are visible and your current location can of course be pinpointed.

iphone app london visitor
This new app has two main features – a map and guide to the history and landmarks of the capital

There’s enough information to give a lecture on London’s famous sites. Tap on ‘List’ to be presented with the facts filtered into clear sections such as ‘Nearby’, ‘Top Places’ and ‘Entertainment’. The addresses of some bars and clubs are a bit vague however, for example, ‘Fabric Night Club – Greater London, England’ but each place can be pinpointed on the map.

The app solely relies on links to Wikipedia for it’s featured information, which is unfortunately seen as unreliable by some people. But this little app is great for tourists or for residents who still get lost in (or want to learn more about) this massive city. Although, the inclusion of a tube map would’ve been a nice little bonus.

London2Go doesn’t provide the awesome educational experience of Museum of London but for the price its worth having. The map is just as good as the one featured on Smart Maps – London and together with the tourist info, it makes this a good all in one. It works offline so those boring tube journeys could be made more entertaining. And navigating around London will be a little easier.

Charlie rates this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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