LiveScore iPhone app – all the latest football scores in the palm...

LiveScore iPhone app – all the latest football scores in the palm of your hand

LiveScore has been my saving grace for many months

Every football fan has or ultimately will, find themselves’ in a situation where you are desperately seeking a means of watching Jeff Stelling and Co on Soccer Saturday deliver the latest breaking football scores as and when they happen from across the country. However, to your misfortune you are otherwise engaged.

Having been forcefully dragged on many a shopping trip on a Saturday afternoon, LiveScore has been my saving grace for many months. With scores being delivered directly from LiveScore Ltd, the leaders and inventors of real-time delivery of live sport data, never again will you have to wait till you return home to know that Cesc Fabregas has opened the scoring at the Emirates, or perhaps even a Dimitar Berbatov brace has sent Birmingham City to a crushing defeat at Old Trafford.

Going up against other juggernauts such as Sky Sports in this field is no walk in the park, however with its instant updates, simple functionality and quick loading times; LiveScore really is an app for every avid football fan. For those who also share my unhealthy obsession for Fantasy Football, this is also a great way to find out whether your latest recruit has just helped you up the league standings by bagging those all-important goals.

With more than 1000 live football games followed every week during the season, from Serie A to La Liga, no matter what game it is, you can guarantee that LiveScore has it. With goal scorers, carded players, penalty misses all shown in the match details it is a great way of keeping up with your team while you’re on the go. The only criticism I would level at the app is that it isn’t quite as in-depth as the Sky Sports Score Centre app, as it fails to offer line-ups and live commentary. For many this is a huge turn-off, as it also fails to deliver such features as a live league table, fixtures and latest news. However, what it lacks in substance it certainly makes up for in speed.


  1. Great app, speed and simplicity are the key benefits, even if it lacks the depth of alternative score services. Thanks for the review


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