LinerTweets: Ever had a desperate urge to seek out random tweets? Me...

LinerTweets: Ever had a desperate urge to seek out random tweets? Me neither


Linertweets iPhone App Review

Although Twitter has always been something of a mystery to me (no one else seems to care about how disgruntled I am by the latest artsy French film, so why should I tell the whole web?),it does present something of a direct line to key members of the music and film community, which allows for more of an insight into their world. Granted though, you do have to trawl through the irrelevant garbage of tweets where someone rants about the lack of Persian rugs with cherub imagery first. LinerTweets seems to promise to solve this problem for you. The premise behind this app is that when playing any song from your iTunes, LinerTweets will locate any posts that can be associated to the song. Keeping up with your favorite artist and their upcoming work has never been so easy.

WRONG! LinerTweets is none of this and instead leads you on a wild goose chase. LinerTweets only allows you to search for tweets that can be associated to the song or album, and not the artist himself. Usually this is fine, although rather than finding tweets by those involved with the actual songs or albums, you just get lists of random people tweeting about how great they are.

However, the real problem arises when the song or album consists of more common words, for example, in the case of the classic ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles, we are left with a long list of tweets where people of the littlest significance can now inform you on how great a day they had ‘yesterday’ or how they got up to some crazy hijinks with their mates ‘yesterday’. Even more infuriating is that this is the sole purpose behind the app. Apparently someone’s idea of a fun time is finding tweets that might allude to your favourite song or album. LinerTweets promises amusing, surprising and entertaining tweets abound.Instead, I’m left with ‘YESTERDAY I WAS WALKIN DOWN THE HALLWAY & SAYIN KRISTOPHERRR…RRR…RRR!’.


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