Lie Detector Pro for iPhone is your new private detective

Lie Detector Pro for iPhone is your new private detective


lie-detector-pro for iphoneReleased 16th June 2010, 3.6 MB, £0.59

Is it possible? Is it actually possible? Can your iPhone now detect the truth and expose those repulsive liars? Well, the short answer is…. no not really. Lie Detector Pro may not be the same as having a forensic scientist in your pocket but it could have other uses.

Firstly (and we’re sad to say), the description claims ‘this app will not give 100% accurate results’ and it’s ‘intended for entertainment purposes only’. This may have weakened your interest but the app will make you aware of the signs to look for when suspicious of a lie.

Open Lie Detector Pro and immediately you’re presented with that million dollar question, ‘do you think someone is telling a lie?’. Tap ‘Yes’ to be led to the interactive ‘Liar Detector’ – where a screen will claim to reveal either the truth or a fib by the touch of a finger. Or, tap ‘No’ to be taught ‘3 ways to detect a liar.’

Full points are given to the animation and design; it’s so futuristic and over the top it looks like something out of a James Cameron film and when a finger is touched on the lie detector the results are told by a comical voice resembling the jigsaw killer from the Saw franchise. When we tell you it looks impressive enough to fool kids, just imagine its power in the hands of parents.

So it looks great but there’s room for improvement. Maybe the voice could’ve been programmed to prompt the signs to look for when the suspect is present? There are only three pages and although the written guide gives a brief and interesting insight into body language, once you’ve absorbed the information and the detection novelty’s worn off, the app will no longer be needed.

Don’t take this seriously. It’s all for novelty and perhaps the odd laugh. It may fool the gullible or your children who may believe your phone has the technology to measure lies through your finger tips. It looks cool and may make your loved ones a little more honest.


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