Learn to manage your stress the fun way with Flight Control

Learn to manage your stress the fun way with Flight Control


Have you ever heard that being an air traffic controller can only legally work for 45 minutes at a time without having to take a break?  Cushy number, huh?!  Well, once you have played Flight Control, you will start to have a lot more sympathy for these managers of the sky; your stress levels will go through the roof and you will start needing to take five yourselves!

The objective of the game is to safely land as many aircraft on the tarmac as possible and avoid any mid-air collisions; aeroplanes, bi-planes and helicopters all must be landed on their allocated runway and you will get typically British phrases to congratulate you as they land, (“Bravo!” “Splendid!”).  The elevator musak that plays in the background will calm your nerves as more planes arrive and you have to navigate them around each other, listening out for the warning beeps that signify an oncoming crash.  There are different airstrips to try out and once you have completed a high score to be proud of, you can submit it to the game’s leaderboard.

Landing commercial aeroplanes on an airstrip may not seem like the most glamourous of jobs, or iPhone games for that matter, however once you have taken charge of the control tower and the planes start flying in from every direction, every ounce of your concentration will be focused on landing these little arrows on the tarmac…remember, there are lives at stake here!

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