Klepto Caveman:An Egg-cruciating Experience

Klepto Caveman:An Egg-cruciating Experience


Klepto Caveman iPhone App Review

Klepto Caveman is possibly the most basic game you will ever find on the app store. Using your finger to guide a caveman, the aim is to steal as many dinosaur eggs from one corner of the screen and return them back to the cave at the opposite side while avoiding the roaming dinosaurs.

Now the main problem with Klepto Caveman is that it is far too simplistic – bordering on insulting to be honest. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with a game being simplistic, the actual gameplay itself should have at least some degree of complexity about it. Sliding your finger quickly from one corner of the screen to the other and back again does not constitute this. Even when the screen is peppered with three or four dinos on patrol you can still navigate back and forth with relative ease. This is all before we even begin to get to mention the horrible graphics, laughable sounds (apparently dinosaurs also sounded like lions) and flawed health system.

This might all sound a little bit harsh but the game genuinely has very little going for it and to be honest it should really be free on the app store. If it was, it might make a neat little app to entertain small children for five to ten minutes, but as it currently stands, the game doesn’t even deserve 5p let alone 59p. We mean absolutely no disrespect to the developer (as we are sure all apps come with there difficulties in designing) but the fact is there are much better games out there worth 59p and much, much better games going for absolutely nothing.


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