Kickin Momma: Momma Said Kick your Ass!

Kickin Momma: Momma Said Kick your Ass!


Kickin Momma HD iPhone App Review

The aim of KickinMomma is a slightly strange one. You play the role of a large, blue, erm…thing who kicks her offspring into a canyon, where they hit and retrieve rubies out of which Momma’s going to make herself a necklace. Sometimes the kids set on fire – this earns you more points. Still with me? Good.

Despite the slightly weird concept – but then who said chucking birds at pigs was normal? – the game is good fun, if a little slow while you wait for the offspring to fall through the maze of rubies and other jewels. Aiming Momma’s offspring is just a case of dragging an arrow to where you want her to kick them, then tap ‘kick’ and away they go.

Points are easy to gain in the first few rounds, with the aim being to hit a certain number of rubies before being able to progress to the next level, where the layout of targets and obstacles changes. While the aim of each level is pretty much the same, there’s plenty of varioation in the layout to keep the game interesting.

After just a few minutes I found myself really getting into KickinMomma (that sounds wrong) and it’s not overly difficult, which is what you want from a simple game like this. Most levels only take a couple of attempts, although I’m yet to progress to later worlds, which are presumably harder.

The gameplay is smooth and responsive and the sounds are fine, but as with most games I turned the repetitive music off after a couple of minutes.

There’s four worlds, each containing 12 levels and the app promises more worlds to be available for download soon.

Overall KickinMomma is a fun, easy game; albeit with a slightly weird plot.


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