Kick The Buddy: A Friend In Need? Not Really…

Kick The Buddy: A Friend In Need? Not Really…


Kick the Buddy iPhone App Review

Every now and then, we at iPhone Café are asked to review an app that has proven itself on the iTunes app store already. If we find out about the app’s “fame” before reviewing it, there is always a tendency to go with the proof, and review the app in a positive, if not extremely positive light.

The same would be true for “The Buddy”, only there was one key difference for getting it reviewed: I, Daniel, didn’t have time to write the review. I stalled the review for a week because; quite honestly I was in the middle of a project. Finally, I have time to carefully consider this app’s presence on my iPhone and what it has meant to me.

Finally, I can assure you, that “The Buddy” does NOT reduce stress levels, any more than playing thumb wars with your other hand while you’re sitting on the subway does. Unless of course you enjoy making In App Purchases, in which case by all means, please use this app.

Sure, the icon’s cute… but who cares? Does the little avatar look funny as he rolls around in the app? Yes he does… but those bloody annoying push notifications that come up every 4 days take away any cuteability (is that even a word) the app has.


  1. Bad new kick the buddy not on list in iTunes it gone but i have app i try put back in to iTunes

    i give you full of free no pay no whatever


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