Kick Your Boredom to the Curb with Bones Game Online

Kick Your Boredom to the Curb with Bones Game Online


Find yourself needing to fill up some time? Maybe you’re stuck in a long line or are in a doctor’s office waiting room – no matter where you are, if it requires a wait time you’ll want something handy to keep boredom at bay. Enter Bones Game Online – a $1.19 app available for Android users that will test your luck, board-game style and make sure that your boredom disappears in a throw of the dice!

The Bones Game Online app is easy to get started with – just download the app and start playing! The goal of the game is to roll the dice against your opponent (either a bot or a real-life player), and whoever earns 1,000 points first wins the game. To start, you’ll each throw a bone (or roll one dice) – the player with the highest point value gets to go first. Once you’ve each earned 70 points, the values will be recorded, and the true tournament will begin!

Each player rolls the dice to earn points – some combinations of the dice will earn more points. It helps to be familiar with poker terms (like straight, flush, three of a kind, etc.), because these values are used to rack up your points. For example, a three of a kind could get you 20 points, while a flush could get you 80! But, don’t worry about remembering what points are assigned to each combination – the app does all the work for you! So you can kill time without using too much brain power.

Bones Game Online is perfect for curing your boredom because you can just sit back and roll the dice. Watching the dice get rolled over and over again can actually be kind of absorbing, so time passes quickly. The visuals of a wooden table with food on it and upbeat Renaissance music will also keep your interest while you’re playing the game and doing your best to beat your opponent.

There are a few downsides to the Bones Game Online app. It can be a little confusing to get started because you’ll be unfamiliar with the scoring of the points. However, once you play for a little while, you can just focus on rolling the dice instead of determining how many points you’re getting for each roll. The game can also get a little monotonous since you’re just rolling dice (instead of interacting with the graphics or advancing in levels) but if you just need a bit of low-brain chill time then this kind of play can also be ideal.

So, if you’re ready to try your luck then download the Bones Game Online app from Google Play today!


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