Keep a Careful eye on your kid’s Phone with Hoverwatch

Keep a Careful eye on your kid’s Phone with Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch isn’t just another app that you just download to your phone and forget about it. It’s an app that will surely help you keep an eye on your kids. When it comes to keeping your kids safe there are quite a few parents that will do anything to make sure they are not doing bad things or getting involve with the wrong crowd. Because, after all, we want the best for our little ones. This is why we like hoverwatch app. 

Hoverwatch records the location of your phone, the call history and audio, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Internet activity, just about everything that is used on a daily basis. The best thing is the app can be hidden and the user of the intended mobile have no idea even if they have a great knowledge of their phone. The tracker allows you to track every single outgoing and incoming calls and you can view all SMS sent or received on the phone. The location of the phone can be determine from using Wi-Fi signals and cell towers. If your child’s taking photos and videos that you want to see, then that’s no problem just view it all in your account.

Using the hoverwatch app is easy. Sign up at the hoverwatch website. Once you have an account you download and install the tracker to the phone. That’s it, start monitoring all the data you want.

Features you didn’t imagine a Spy tracker could have


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