5 Great Sites To Help You Kill Time

5 Great Sites To Help You Kill Time


Need a break from work? If you need to kill some time while you’re at your desk, there are tons of sites that can help. Or maybe you’re at home and just need to pass the time. Either way, here are five awesome sites to help keep you busy (or at least looking busy).

Swag Bingo

Swag bingo

Swag Bingo is a fantastic site if you’re looking to win some money in your spare time. They offer a huge variety of games (everything from Guns N’ Roses video slots to regular bingo games) where you have the opportunity to win big prizes. If you don’t feel like putting money down, there are also free bingo games to take part in. But, if you’re interested in winning some serious cash, there are tons of benefits – including welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, and an awesome loyalty program so you’ll get rewarded every time you play.


If you’re interested in geography, GeoGuessr is the perfect game for you. You just log into the site (it’s also available for iOS too), and you’re given one picture of a specific location somewhere in the world. Then it’s up to you to determine where you actually are with just the clues in the image. With impressive graphics and maps, you can indulge your inner explorer and help kill some time.



Buzzfeed is a great site for helping pass the time because there are so many options. Whether you’re interested in reading up on current news, looking up new recipes, or viewing cute animal videos, Buzzfeed has you covered. But, the real time suck is their quiz section. Their huge selection of quizzes (ever wondered what Disney princess you are or who your celeb S.O. should be?) will keep you occupied for hours.

How Stuff Works

If you’re consistently fascinated by learning how things work in the world around you, How Stuff Works can be a super interesting place to waste some time. You can look up topics that interest you (science, tech, entertainment, etc.) or search their comprehensive site for any question you’ve ever asked yourself. Always wondered if holding in a sneeze can kill you (quite possibly) or what laptop you should buy next? How Stuff Works has all of the answers and then some.


Want to spend your free time looking at photos of the most delicious food you’ve ever seen? Well, FoodGawker provides you with instant recipe ideas and inspiration for your next meal. If you want to spend your lunch break gazing at pictures of some of the prettiest, tastiest food in the world, head to this site immediately. Just don’t get too frustrated if you get hungry.

There are tons of sites that can help you pass the time. Just try not to get caught on them while you’re supposed to be working!


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