JamPick: Create Your Own Band

JamPick: Create Your Own Band


JamPick iPhone App Review
JamPick puts you in the position of a band manager, with the added bonus of never having to put up with any rock star tantrums or inter-band struggles for creative control. You have three musicians in the practice room, (drums bass and guitar), who can be swapped with a different player with an alternative sound at any time; they play when you tap them and can sync in with each other, provided that you have a good ear. You can also throw in vocal sounds and a few other instruments, including a cool whistle noise to make it sound like you are at a rave!

Pros: The musicians each have their own unique look that is fitting to their sound, (the punk rock chicks look really cool), and by pairing alternative musicians together you can get some pretty unique sounds, such as Corduroy Jim’s tub-thumping with Zinga’s slap bass and Shaz’s electric guitar shredding!

Cons: While it is good for practicing your beat matching, the fact that there isn’t much of a lead vocal means that listening to that 4/4 beat can get fairly repetitive.


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