iSmokedPlus: Could You Be Tempted To Quit?

iSmokedPlus: Could You Be Tempted To Quit?


iSmokedPlus iPad App Review
Have you wondered how many cigarettes or roll-ups you go through in a day? Well, there’s an app that will help you work that out.

iSmokedPlus is a pretty sensible and logical app which will help calculate how many you’ve smoked in a day and not only does it help you work out the cost to your health but it shows you clearly the cost to your wallet!

To begin with, you put in the figures in the spaces provided e.g. how much a pack costs or how much a pouch costs, papers and filters etc. Then once this is calibrated, simply tap the app each time you light up or are offered or offer a cigarette. At the end of the day you can see the results of your smoking activity. You can then decide to have this emailed to you as a reminder.

This app goes quite a way in terms of highlighting and working out the cost to your health and bank balance but it falls short of indicating the results. For example, if it were to indicate what you could save in a month or year or how your risk of getting cancer or emphysema is heightened by smoking a pack a day, it would perhaps bring the message home in a much more hard-hitting way.


  • Helps do the calculations for you
  • Covers both cigarettes and roll ups
  • Pretty accurate


  • Doesn’t say how much you could save and what it could mean to you at the end of a month or year
  • Doesn’t mention the associated risks smoking causes, or how your habits could result in more risk
  • No graph showing results
  • Relies on you keeping tally


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